"There is something uniquely restful and soothing about being around water."

Bluefield Houseboats has evolved from a highly experienced team from the construction, manufacturing and marine industries. Individually, we are all heavily involved with boats and water in our leisure time.  As a team, we all share a passion for designing and producing the ultimate houseboat, accessible to all and for everyone to enjoy.

At Bluefield Houseboats our mission is to create high quality, usable commercial and residential spaces on the water.  We aim to offer the same quality of living on land, but on water, by maximising the use of modern technology to explore sites which have previously been inaccessible.  We are a young, innovative company with an enthusiasm and firm vision for the future.

"Living on water without compromise"

Our world is changing, so we need to adapt.  Inner city space is decreasing. Alternatives which can offer more opportunities to develop inner city space, while minimising the impact on the environment, need to be explored.  We are a nation with a rich maritime history.  Water sites (or "bluefield" sites) are available in most of our cities, and our units are designed specifically to make the most of these sites. Our houseboats “lightly touch” the site and can be moved, removed and adapted as the needs of the area evolve.  

For those wanting to live near water,  in an environment where the sounds, sights and colours are constantly changing,  it can be an expensive dream.  It is no surprise that the market for waterfront property is highly competitive and inevitably commands a premium for those fortunate enough to find a site.  At Bluefield we have created a portfolio of residential houseboat designs to suit most requirements and budgets, where your dream of living on water can become a reality.

The Bluefield team is creative, forward thinking and most of all passionate about what we do.