Bluefield Houseboats

The UK's recently-established Bluefield Houseboats aims to offer the kind of living experience you'd usually expect from a nice house or apartment, but on the water. To this end, the firm uses prefabricated construction, energy-efficient design, and home automation technology in its houseboats.

Chichester House Boat by Bluefield Houseboats

Check out this beautiful new houseboat, designed, manufactured and installed by Bluefield Houseboats, at a beautiful marina setting in Chichester.

Bluefield Houseboats installs new houseboat at Marina in Chichester

We were recently commissioned to manufacture and install one of our houseboats at a Premier Marina in Chichester.

Bluefield Houseboat at Let's Go Hydro

A new Bluefield houseboat installed at Let's Go Hydro, Knockbracken.

Interactive 3D Walkthrough


An interactive 3D walk-through of a recently delivered houseboat to Chichester, England

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