“Creating beautiful spaces on the water.”


We recognise the importance of incorporating a high level of quality into everything we do. From the initial consultation with the design team, through the detailed design and manufacture, to assembly on site and onto final handover, we want to provide our clients with the highest quality experience.

Maximise prefabrication 
Where possible we manufacture everything in a controlled environment within a factory, away from prevailing weather conditions. This ensures both the design and specification is accurately followed, with the quality and workmanship closely monitored. The end product is then delivered to site and assembled quickly, without fuss and with minimal risk.

Quality Assurance 
The implementation of a quality assurance system provides clients with confidence that our aspirations and their schedule of requirements are fulfilled.

Design Life
We have developed a palette of high quality materials which will deliver the same design life which you would expect from a building on land. Each individual material has BBA, British Standard, Eurocode, or equivalent certification. We will provide a detailed user manual at handover and offer a 12month latent defects period and a service level agreement for additional peace of mind.   

We incorporate the same spatial and design standards for building on water as on land in every solution we produce. This minimises any compromise and allows full height doors, flushing toilets, mains electricity, running water, full height ceilings and compliance with building regulations, whilst on the water.

“We aim to offer the same standard of living on the water as on land”


Our floating spaces are design lead, system based and client focused. We work with clients to refine their ideas and ambitions into a schedule of needs. We then explore the opportunities offered by a particular site to produce a tailored turnkey solution to suit our clients’ needs.  After producing a robust cost estimate, with a project specific programme, we can advise on any relevant local statutory approvals which may be required.

We can produce a wide range of design solutions, ranging in size from 500sqft to 1800sqft, across one or two storey layouts.

Efficient Design
Passive design maximises the use of natural heating, cooling and ventilation to create comfortable internal conditions and minimise the energy requirements of buildings. We try to capitalise on passive design to minimise the energy consumption and running costs of all our floating spaces.

SMART Design 
A SMART system can allow everything from appliances to thermostats, light switches to sound speakers, to be centrally managed and controlled using your smartphone or tablet. We can produce a SMART design which is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Houseboats and floating spaces fall between the two statutory definitions of a land-based building and a water-based vessel. We have decided to follow both classifications so that all our designs not only comply with the latest building regulations (and exceeding them where possible) but also meet the relevant Maritime & Coastguard Agency codes of practice.

We can also offer a completely bespoke option to suit even the most demanding of sites and client requirements.

“Open plan system”


All our designs use an open plan system to create open plan interior space. This provides huge flexibility and diversity in the design options we can offer to our clients.  

Modular System
We have devised a modular system which can be used to create a variety of spaces from 500sqft up to 1800sqft, in various different arrangements, over one of two stories.

Variety of Uses
Due to the robust nature of this modular system and flexibility of the free spanning structural arrangement we can offer a wide variety of residential and commercial layouts to suit the client’s needs.

External Finishes  
We have an extensive range of cladding finishes to choose from and we can also produce a completely bespoke design to suit particular requests or company branding if required.