Gangways | Bluefield Houseboats
Berth 01 gangway

A gangway is the raised platform or walkway that provides safe access between a houseboat and the land or pontoon. An important structure, the gangway needs to be fit for purpose and be safe and secure to allow residents to embark and disembark.

At Bluefield Houseboats our gangways have been custom designed in-house to fit with our various houseboat designs, and then manufactured in our factory.

We place quality and safety at the forefront of all our designs, and our gangways are no exception. Made of lightweight aluminium and powder coated to match the houseboat cladding, the gangway is sturdy but easy to lift if it needs to be moved for any reason. For additional safety, the walkway has a compliant handrail & guarding and the various options for decking materials all have an anti-slip finish.

In recognition that all sites are different our gangways can be adapted by changing the size, shape & colour to suit. It is important to ensure a gentle gradient / level access to the main entrance for accessibility.

Bespoke solutions are also available when specific site issues means we cannot use our standard gangway. A recently installed houseboat required a diagonal gangway as there was a mature tree on the bank beside the berth. For another client, a different colour was required to suit the bespoke cladding and the handrails had to be angled to allow the houseboat floor level to sit lower than the bank.

A gangway is fitted during the installation of a houseboat and is site specific. All requirements are discussed and agreed with the client beforehand. It is also included in our after sales service as part of our 12 month warranty.