Two R750 houseboats delivered to Premier Marinas

In July 2020 Bluefield Houseboats delivered two further R750 houseboats to the south of England for our client Premier Marinas.  The two units left our manufacturing base near Belfast, Northern Ireland travelling by lorry via ferry and road to Chichester Marina.  

The weather was kind and our highly trained teams were on site for several days to manage the installation of the houseboats in separate berths in canals at the marina. The houseboats were lifted by crane, then positioned on 42T concrete pontoons before final mooring.

Chichester Marina, which encompasses a natural harbour with a canal path running into the beautiful city of Chichester itself, provides an ideal setting for our luxury R750 houseboats. These 2 bedroom units offer spacious accommodation with bathroom / shower, fully fitted kitchen and open plan living / dining for a comfortable modern lifestyle. Perfect for a second home or a holiday let, when you want to get away from it all and appreciate all the benefits of living on water!

Jonny Baird, Design Director, said, "This is exactly the kind of setting our R750 houseboats are designed for. They lightly touch the site and offer the same standard of living found on land, but on the water, which perfectly complements the existing high quality offering by Premier Marinas.”

Clients always have the option to choose from our standard specification or they can add bespoke elements to their houseboat. With this delivery, in order to differentiate, one of the R750 houseboats has a bespoke charred wood cladding and a lightly altered profile, while the other has a traditional cedar wood cladding. Charring or burning, a centuries old technique, makes the wood resistant to fire, rot, insects and the sun’s UV rays. Heavy charring, as used on this particular houseboat, also gives a “snake skin” type texture on the surface, adding to the overall character and design. The wood also becomes UV fade resistant, and this particular cladding offers a 25 year maintenance free finish, which is important on a houseboat where access can be restricted. Alternatively, the cedar cladding is a natural and sustainable product, and from a practical perspective is a very effective insulator, reducing heating and cooling costs. Cedar requires very little maintenance once installed and can last for decades, which is why we include it as part of our standard specification.

Both houseboats look stunning in their new surroundings, and we are looking forward to delivering more Bluefield houseboats to Premier Marinas in the coming months.